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How to find an Andy Warhol for under $5 and other real fables …

The Little Red Hen: Andy Warhol’s Pre-Pop 1958 Children’s Illustration by Maria Popova How to own “a Warhol” for under $5, part deux. Several weeks ago, we uncovered some little-known children’s illustration by Andy Warholfrom the 1959 anthology Best of Children’s Books #27. … Continue reading

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mind mapping

It’s a process I learned in art school, but really, I think it’s something we all do! A process of doodles and words that lead to another thought. I read the book, and now there is alot of really cool … Continue reading

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Letterpressing business cards

I am producing some letterpressed business cards for a client using old fashioned letterpress technology and new design. We (My associate Megan and I) figured that a new honey company would look fabulous and stand out from the competition using … Continue reading

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Really cool lost Seuss Book!

The Bippolo Seed: Seven Rare Dr. Seuss Stories Brought to Light by Maria Popova brain How eBay uncovered a buried literary treasure, or what a Massachusetts dentist has to do with vintage magazines. It must be the season for posthumous … Continue reading

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