Designing your own christmas tree!

Since funds are a wee bit tight this year, as much as I love a fresh cut tree, the smell, the feel, the nostalgia etc . .  .I have been thinking about using my own design inginuity and creating a different kind of tree. One that is fun, affordable, and has still some kind of great feeling to it! Time to create my own traditions!

In years past i have created my own martha Stewart type gift for the holidays.  I take it to holiday parties etc. Some people appreciate it, some don’t. It looks like a mini christmas tree, but really, it’s a wine bottle disguised in christmas themed wrapping!

I took a series of shots here showing the materials. I have used a variety of pots, mugs, teapots, and it is as open I am sure as your imagination! Start with some sort of holder, but make sure it weights it on the bottom. Tape a garland(s) to the bottle and the pot, and then start wrapping and or weaving securing it occationally to the bottle. (I didn’t for one present and it totally unravled!) I have added sometimes ornaments as I go so it looks realistic, and sometimes lights. I top it off iwth a bow or a star with my gift card on the top which of course I letterpress!




















Here are some other interesting inventive ways to create a christmas tree without cutting one down, creating less of a carbon footprint, saving money, getting around creating a disasterous pet hazzard or drinking bowl ;) or just plain having fun with the theme!

Book Christmas tree -  wouldn’t it be great if it had some sort of real wreath on it so it smelled treeish too?!







Metal spiral tree. I would love to see toy cars on this, or perhaps made out of wooden kids blocks or racing tracks!






I love the idea of a sculptural tree, and even more the idea of a shadow tree! I love that a fashion designer has done this!

Or what about a christmas tree out of LEGO?! After babysitting my friends 3 kids last night, LEGO is on my mind! Or what if you have a box full of packing peanuts?! that might be fun to make one out of static electricity alone . . I just wouldnt want to clean up the mess, especially if the air got more humid . . it would all fall apart!

Cardboard and paper trees are fabulous, and I like all the ones that design-milk references . . . It just depends on your taste!





















































Uisng wood shavings to make a tree is both ingenius in my opinion and recycling . . fun!

Other recycling ideas have been to make trees out of bottles. Some of the more spectacular examples :


































Then there are the wierd trees made out of food, some spectacular, some not so much . . .



























And then the company promotional trees made out of the companies’ product that sometimes work, and sometimes fail to look aesthetically pleasing.






































But the idea that i think is soooo fantastic which is an extention of what you see here, being a lover of paper goods, a designer, creative director and hobby letterpress printer, would be a POSTER done in letterpress of a tree . . .BUT 3D! Don’t ask me how . . I don’t know yet . . . I’ll get right on that! :)

Have fun making your own trees . . and PLEASE share photos with me! I will share mine with you!











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  1. admin says:

    There is also antler trees . . so cool! Jill Hansen of Hansen design sent me the link to post! She is thinking of looking for deer antlers in the woods close to her studio!

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