Itching to work in letterpress again

One of my first loves in art school was printing. Lately I have been tweeting like a bunny on caffeine and putting my mind to my own loves and building my business. I haven’t worked on my letterpress cards as much as I would have liked lately and have let my Etsy site fall to ruin I am afraid.

I found some RIDICULOUSLY good letterpress sites lately and wanted to share them.

StudioOnFire Ben Levitz
Godspeed letterpress poster print now on sale

This poster was designed and letterpress printed here at Studio On Fire for the 2011 Artcrank, a poster show for bike people. The construction of this poster is an assemblage of prints we created with actual bicycle parts. Used bike parts were inked up with a brayer and printed by hand. We printed all kinds of parts: cranks, chains, cables, wheels, handlebars and even a seat. It was well worth the trip to One On One Bike to scavenge suitable parts from their basement bike bone yard. After inking each part individually we had a whole table full of prints to chose and build from. It was amazing how much type and texture come out of each part. These prints were then digitally arranged on top of a pencil sketched layout. The word “Godspeed” seems especially appropriate for cyclists, as a wish for someones safe and prosperous journey. It was plated in photo polymer and printed as a large format 20 x 26 letterpress print in 2 color on 100% cotton Crane Lettra. It can be trimmed and framed at 18 x 24 size.

The prints are available on our site for $30.




Letterpress peonies invite pockets fresh off the press! 

@DingbatPress Adrienne Berry
Missed it earlier today? I know how you feel, it’s hard to be a saint…
Our Etsy storefront! 


This card was fun to research and find an appropriate saying to pair with it. In the end I decided that religious or not, we can all agree that its not easy being a saint – especially when there is work to get done, or beds to be made, or children that need feeding. But having the right attitude can sure make a difference in the outcome of any chore or task. Saint or not, what are your dreaded tasks that could use a morning prayer or glass of wine at the end of the day?

This card makes me chuckle. When designing it, I intended to portray the image that good kings are best served when they serve their people. But when it came off press I kept wanting to read it instead of true kings serve their people well but as true kings serve their people hell. Because really; what king hasn’t served hell  to some degree on a silver platter throughout history?

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