My latest fashion oriented project

I rarely post photos before my project is completed, but I will make an exception in this case. I am working on a magazine for a client and have art directed some photoshoots for it with the lovely Natasha. I will take no credit for the fact that after this very long day session (about 12 hours) she now wants to be a model! The fact is, she has a very natural ability, and my photographer (Anthony R. Taylor) and co-art director and co-creative director (Paul Hurren) are brilliant and do what they do very well! I was very pleased with the styling and the overall look and feel of it, and know that the client will as well when the magazine comes out!

so little mister and ms lucky ducks you get a sneak preview of my upcoming work! (need I say that usage of this photography is strickly forbidden but requests for usage may come through me and forwarded to both the model, photogro

I will post some of her contact sheets and see what y’all think!

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