need design advice? there’s an app for that!

Listen up creatives (especially you, freelancers). Have you ever wished for instant, unbiased feedback on your design, art or photography projects? Device: Design Advice & Opinions in Realtime, a new app brought to you by HOW, Print, I.D. and Opinionaided, does just that.

You’ll be connected to creatives with the push of a button. Review tabulated results to your design question posted. Or, flip to your Device app anytime to view and rate projects posted by other creatives. It’s all about feedback in a flash.

Categories range from Graphic Design and Typography to Interior Design and Graffiti, with questions such as:

  • Should I go with this color scheme?
  • Do these two fonts work well together?
  • Have you seen this exhibit?
  • Do you like this logo?

Give Device: Design Advice & Opinions—a try (it’s FREE) and let me know what you think?! I haven’t tried it yet but it intrigues me!

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