Sound makes an Impact

My appologies for being away from my blog for one reason or another. I was called on my inactivity at breakfast this morning by my dear friend who I had no idea was reading my blog! Who knew I had a readership!?! I thought I just did it for myself and sometimes my community!

That said, here is an interesting thing that another dear friend brought to my attention this morning from across the ‘pond’. Interesting that someone in another country has to let me know what is happening in my own city!!! Athough it is certainly not my area of expertise, I have never really known too much about interactive art or sound design as high art, but my friend in London is a Professor on the subject and does his shows internationally. He has given me a new appreciation for the artform sending me interesting clips of odd sounds at times (my favorite is an old carousell – you can’t really tell what it is, and i rather think mating foxes is more interesting than the sound of racoons, but perhaps that is a cultural thing!)I find it interesting of course to see the big idea unfold as a happening, and see in his type of work how all the senses participate instead of just a few. A couple of months ago he and a colleague did an event in an old Scottish castle that had me yearning for my homeland, it sounded elegant, mysterious, magestical, abstract and thought provoking, and I wasn’t even there to experience it!

I took a look at something I had never heard of and think I will go to it this year, especially to see my friends work, but take a look and let me know what you think!

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