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Some thought provoking visuals drew me to this article.

Artist Dietrich Wegner recently released a series of sculptures depicting rubber babies donning enough tattoos to deem them worthy of joining biker gang. This time around, Dietrich Wegner is at it again; except this time, the babies are real.

As a follow up to the rubber sculptures, artist Dietrich Wegner has shot a series of photographs with real branded babies. Though the infants are real, the tattoos are not.

The Business Cards Of The Great Gatsby

Perfect for book lovers, as well as design aficionados, this charming poster by The Heads of State features imagined business cards for party attendees from The Great Gatsby.

Chapter four of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby reads like a VIP guest list of the Jazz Age. Taking inspiration from those pages, this poster is comprised of the business cards and personal stationery of the movers and shakers that attended Gatsby’s parties in the summer of 1922. 18 x 24 inch 4-color letterpress print on 140 lb French Poptone Sweet Tooth. Hand signed and sealed, edition of 350.

via Design Work Life

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